Money itself is not inherently bad instead,

it serves as a pathway to achieve true freedom.


In popular culture, there is significant emphasis on the Illuminati’s perspective that money is not inherently evil. Some misinterpret our advocacy for hard work and prosperity as a promotion of selfishness, overlooking the true significance of the Pyramid and its deeper messages that inspire our diligence.

Within the principles of the Illuminati, wealth is not merely a vehicle for personal gain; rather, it is a tool to fulfill each individual’s responsibility towards the progress of the human species


The self-centered pursuit of wealth is an empty objective, whereas the pursuit of the positive impact that wealth can generate represents one of humanity’s paramount responsibilities.


The greater one’s wealth, the greater their capacity to positively impact the lives of those in need. A person of good heart, though lacking financial means, may remain virtuous. However, in times of crisis, such as a friend’s house burning down, their ability to provide substantial assistance is limited. In contrast, a wealthy individual facing the same situation can offer shelter and a new home, leveraging their abundance to help not only themselves but also those around them.


Money is devoid of emotions, voice, and soul; its inclination towards good or evil is determined by its users.


While it is not inherently wrong to be impoverished, glorifying poverty stems from a self-centered mindset. While a poor individual may save a life, a wealthy person can construct a hospital and save tens of thousands. The impoverished have limited capacity to aid others in need, whereas the affluent can assist numerous individuals. Wealth offers an opportunity for benevolence, whereas poverty confines one’s ability to extend help beyond oneself.


Even those with meager resources possess the potential for significant contributions. Money is essentially a representation of time and effort, and in its absence, individuals can utilize their time and efforts to contribute to the progress of humanity—a form of positive action equally valuable to monetary donations.


The magnitude of one’s wealth corresponds to an increased responsibility toward fellow humans. Similar to a pyramid, those with greater power possess the capacity to enact substantial positive change for a larger number of individuals beneath them.