Our Globalist Agenda

SECTION I – Readying for the Advancement of the Illuminati’s New World Order


Since the inception of the Illuminati, predating the formulation of our enduring commitments or the declaration of our vows as guardians of humanity, our organization has consistently advocated for the overarching vision of a globalized Earth. Our aspiration for the future envisions a cohesive planet devoid of national boundaries, overseen by the most capable and enlightened individuals of the human race, where people worldwide can enjoy prosperity.


A globalized society would entail the eradication of divisions between nations and the cessation of millennia-long conflicts fought over territory and its resources. It signifies an end to the accumulation and withholding of surplus resources by one nation while the populace of another nation suffers from hunger. It emphasizes the notion that all humans are both unique individuals and integral members of an extended human family, with no one left behind solely due to the arbitrary circumstances of their birth.


In the current era of conflict, the affluent must amass resources to safeguard their offspring amid this tumultuous period. Their monumental structures and industries can only be erected through the labor of those in need.


However, a forthcoming era awaits us – a post-labor civilization sustained by autonomous machinery and fueled by boundless energy. In the impending Age of Illuminati, all those who seek wealth shall attain the prosperity they merit.


In the context of the new world order, there is a designated space for everything and a defined purpose for everyone


Our vision for Earth envisions a unified humanity, transcending geographical, physical, and resource-based divisions. Each individual is a distinctive component of a global ecosystem, where their decisions impact the collective. Every person plays a crucial role in a larger interconnected system that thrives on the well-being of all humankind. Everyone is empowered to explore their purpose, pursue their passions, self-improve, and witness how their contributions positively affect the lives of 8 billion others, rather than solely focusing on individual needs.


In a society liberated from necessity, there exist neither the wealthy nor the impoverished – only the affluent and the more affluent.


People who have amassed significant wealth recognize that money is essentially a representation of effort converted into value—a means of quantifying one’s endeavors and translating them into a numerical form that can be utilized to acquire the efforts of others. Wealth, in essence, allows for the exchange of different types of labor. For instance, a mason earns money by selling the labor involved in finding, cutting, and preparing stonework. This money can then be used to purchase the services of a grocer, doctor, teacher, or any other profession, regardless of whether stones or masonry are needed. Some individuals accumulate vast fortunes that extend beyond their lifetimes, leaving behind the fruits of their labor to secure the well-being of their heirs.


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However, in the current state of chaos, a significant disparity exists in the conversion of efforts into wealth. Numerous obstacles hinder those aspiring to ascend the socioeconomic pyramid. Despite the planet’s abundance, fear compels the wealthiest to hoard resources excessively, driven by the instinctual dread of returning to the poverty from which all humans originated. In a world liberated from the constraints of necessity, there is no justification for accumulating riches or the associated essentials of life—food, shelter, comfort, and security. Without such motivations, individuals are not susceptible to the traps set by dictators, imperialists, or the corruption of elitist globalism. When everyone’s basic needs are met, there is no rationale for warfare, and there is no incentive to plunder neighbors for necessities that are already secured and guaranteed.



The moment is drawing near when everything will be unveiled, and centuries of connections will intertwine into a magnificent tapestry


To safeguard the integrity of our plan against those who aim to dismantle it, the Illuminati has found it necessary to leave certain questions unanswered and instruct our members to carry out their duties discreetly. Unfortunately, fearmongers and purveyors of false information have exploited the Illuminati’s silence, distorting our agenda through a lens of mistrust and spreading unfounded rumors about our objectives to bolster their own grasp on power.


A clear distinction must be made between the Illuminati’s unifying global agenda and the deceitful falsehoods of Corrupt Globalism—a distortion of our intent that degrades individual humans into mere cogs in a system, benefiting only those currently in power. Corrupt Globalism is nothing more than a superficial veneer masking the bitter aristocracy that lies beneath.


It is crucial to understand that the Illuminati does not advocate for the abolition of private property. Our goal is not the eradication of self-defensive weapons but rather the elimination of the necessity for such weapons. We do not advocate for a society dependent on government support, but rather envision an abundance of resources rendering unfair trade and labor practices obsolete.


Those who profit from oppressing their own people are relics of a bygone era. In a world where all could live comfortably, the outdated concept of some enjoying luxury while others suffer becomes irrelevant. True efforts can still be duly rewarded when all reside in mansions, and the notion of some living in palaces becomes a thing of the past.