The Pendulum Of Power

The power of unity lies in compromise.


Crowns have adorned the heads of countless kings and queens, each distinct from their predecessors. Similar to the rhythmic swing of a clock’s pendulum, power oscillates between opposing forces in an unending passage of time. This dynamic establishes equilibrium, as each side depends on the other to uphold order. Neither side is absolute in its correctness or error, yet neither can yield. Should the pendulum halt its motion, the clock loses its functionality.

The smooth transition of authority is a cornerstone of liberty.

Blaming humanity’s hardships on leaders becomes easy, especially if they aren’t of one’s choosing. Opponents transform a leader into an enemy, mistakes into deliberate attacks, flaws into irreparable defects, and missteps into wicked conspiracies. Differences in beliefs often lead some to overlook any positive aspects in those who disagree with them.

Critical scrutiny serves as the barrier preventing a leader from transforming into a dictator. Yet, every remarkable leader shares the same essence as the most ordinary. The divergence between the minds of a monarch and a commoner lies only in the content they choose to fill them with. Labeling any leader as wholly good or evil implies a denial of their humanity.

Discover solace in the timeless query: ‘Cui bono?’ – For whose benefit? Consider what leaders stand to gain by causing harm to the very people they guide. What motivates a sovereign to undermine the very foundation for which they wear the crown

In every kingdom, the people outnumber the king. Who, then, truly leads a country?

When questioning your leaders’ actions, consider how you would approach the same dilemmas while shouldering similar responsibilities. Public perception only reveals a fraction of what truly occurs behind the scenes – a facade of wealth and power concealing the gravity of decisions made. Your leaders, motivated by the well-being of the populace, often must make decisions that may seem suspicious out of context. If you believe your choices would better advance humanity, you’re welcome to invest the time and effort to replace them, just as they replaced leaders before.

Time reveals truths. Throughout millennia, this planet has overcome hardships and survived disasters more devastating than recorded wars. Humanity has endured its worst leaders, regimes, and obstacles, emerging stronger each time.

Despite differing opinions, everyone must come together for the benefit of humanity.

Do not worry about the future of Earth’s most resilient species. Despite changes in leadership and alterations to geographical names, humanity’s progression will persist without interruption. When the winds of change challenge your stability, seek refuge in the strength of the pyramid. We are constantly vigilant and looking out for you.